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MEA Everyday Heroes


You don't have the cape or the flashy tights, but teacher and paraprofessional MEA members are rising to a superhero challenge every single day.  Often you feel taken for granted, but few people have such an impact on all of our lives and the lives of Manatee County's children as teachers and paras.





MEA Everyday Hero - Karen Newhall, Teacher at Anna Maria Elementary

“Karen Newhall, with a bit of help, organizes our annual school Science Night each year! She contacts vendors, business partners, guest speakers and more to make science a hands on, fun family experience! Thanks! Karen, you are a super science ambassador!“

MEA Everyday Hero - Teacher and Para Members at Horizons Academy

“We work with students who need extra help, that little extra boost - or a LOT of boost, whether in academics or learning discipline. EVERY ONE of the staff works EXTREMELY hard to reach each and every one of our students and help them to succeed. I'm very proud to be part of such an EXCEPTIONAL team that exemplifies EXCELLENCE. EVERY ONE of our staff members are HEROES.”



MEA Everyday Hero - Tracey Swart, Teacher at Manatee High

“My daughter has had Tracey in elementary and high school. She is an outstanding teacher. I am a firm believer in inclusion. Tracey has her students included in the community of Manatee High School. They cook dinner for the football team, they sell coffee to the staff, they run a concession stand at the basketball games. This has given my daughter great work experience and she knows everyone at Manatee High. Tracey has high expectations for her students. She expects age appropriate behavior. My daughter has matured and grown up with Ms. Tracey. Ms. Tracey is the best and an inspiration to all ESE teachers. She is our Everyday Hero!”



MEA Everyday Hero - Helen King, Teacher at Sea Breeze Elementary

"Helen is a new member recruiter extraordinaire! She is quick to welcome new teachers and give a thorough explanation of the many and varied benefits of membership."


MEA Everyday Hero - Jon Syre, Teacher at King Middle

"Jon wears a lot of hats at King. Through his work he keeps students healthy and fit. Somehow he finds the time to assist with MEA and coach sports."


MEA Everyday Hero - Anita West, Paraprofessional at Oneco Elementary

"Mrs. West has been an ESE aide in my classroom for 4 years. She goes out of her way on a daily basis to engage the students at our school whether it's in the classroom or on the playground. She truly enriches each one of them and we are so thankful to have her in our classroom!"



MEA Everyday Hero - Roz Steward, Teacher at Miller Elementary

"Roz keeps everyone up-to-date, fights hard for us teachers and answers any questions anyone may have! She is truly amazing!"