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Teacher Evaluation

Manatee County Teacher Evaluation System

The Manatee County Teacher Evaluation System is developed and monitored by a collaborative committee comprised of administrators and MEA representatives. The committee is called the Instructional Personnel Assessment Taskforce (IPAT).

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, the teacher evaluation system will be based upon the Framework for Teaching - Second Edition by Charlotte Danielson (2007). 

The 2015-2016 Manatee County Teacher Evaluation System rubrics and cycles have been modified to reflect the input provided by teachers and administrators through the IPAT survey and focus groups in the spring of 2015.

Please note the following changes:

·the number of components has been shortened,

·the rating will take place at the component level rather than the element level,

·the number of rubrics is reduced due to rating at the component level,

·the number of elements has been reduced, 

·the remaining elements have become look-fors within the components,

·the Teacher Evaluation Cycle has been shortened by one walk-through for teachers in year two or more previously rated Effective or Highly Effective,

·the PDP no longer requires a face to face sign off unless requested by the teacher or the administrator

The Teacher Evaluation System, housed within MyPGS, is scheduled to go live by September 1, 2015.  Training on the new system is currently being planned for the September 9, 2015 Professional Learning Wednesday.  A portion of the training will provide teachers with time to begin working on their Professional Development Plans (PDP).

PDF icon2015-16_Manatee_County_Teacher_Evaluation_System

2015-16 MCTES Rubrics

2015-16_MCTES Cycles

PDF icon2015-2016 Manatee Instructional_Evaluation System Template.pdf



Danielson FFT Rubric ASCD 2007