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Impasse Declared


The MEA and Management bargaining teams returned to the table on November 8, 2016; however, the district’s proposal consisted of threats of the loss of retroactivity should the tentative agreements (TA) previously rejected by the teachers not be ratified by November 14, 2016.  MEA proposed enhancements in salary and decreases in employee premiums for spouses and families in response to the ratification vote. 

MEA’s proposal included the following:

·        Cost of living adjustment (COLA) of $300 for all bargaining unit employees

·        4 Levels + $2 for those on the performance pay schedule rated highly effective (~$1214)

·        3 Levels + $2 for those on the performance pay schedule rated effective (~$911)

·        4 Levels for those on the grandfathered salary schedule (~$1211)

·        Shifting some of the cost for spousal and family coverage from the employee back to the board ($1,604,764 for all district employees)

In the rejected TA the board proposed to pay less in board premium in 2017 than what the board contributed in 2016, not more.  

Remember that shifting of health insurance dollars to salary means premiums will go up in amounts more than the salary will go up.

The minutes and MEA’s proposals are posted below.

PDF iconbargaining_110816_revised.pdf

PDF iconmea_salary_proposal_110816.pdf

PDF iconmea_health_insurance_proposal_to_district_110816.pdf

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